The Dragons is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of our own members who serve on two-year terms. Many members not currently serving as directors also contribute their time and talents on our committees. Volunteerism and community service are founding values for the Dragons, and we are grateful for the contributions made by our directors and committee members.

Martin Chang

Martin Chang is in his fifth year on the Board of Directors, and serves as the Club's treasurer and a co-tournament director. A relative newcomer to golf, picking his first club up in the mid-90's. Growing up in the Midwest, Martin's school activities didn't include golf, but rather swimming and accompanying fun of how to keep your hair from freezing on the walk from the pool to school. Over the last three years, Martin has started to take golf more seriously (though you wouldn't know from his index), and enjoys the personal challenge the game offers. When not golfing, Martin enjoys spending time with his wife, Anne, and their two dogs, Chloe and Maya. For cardio vascular health, he also tries to get on his bicycle a few times a week, recently acquiring a vintage (steel) Colnago frame. On weekdays, Martin can be found in Emeryville where he works for a small pharmaceutical company.

Jonathan Chiu

Jonathan Chiu is serving his third year on the Board. Jon started playing golf a few of years ago and has caught the bug. When he's not swinging clubs around the house, you'll find him playing hoops or watching the Golf Channel.

Jon Chong

Jon Chong, the elder Chong brother, is entering his third year on the Board, serving as the Federation liaison. Jon took up golf in the mid-eighties and was a member and former President of our predecessor club, the Good Guys. When not playing golf, Jon was usually working or attending classes at St. Mary's College where he earned his Bachelor's degree, Notre Dame deNamur University where he obtained his Master's degree or San Francisco Law School where he obtained his Juris Doctorate. Jon retired after serving 34 years in Law Enforcement with the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, the Pittsburg Police Department and the Half Moon Bay Police Department. Jon and his wife Judy currently live in Sahuarita, Arizona; however, since the birth of their granddaughter, Vivian, they plan on spending more time in the Bay Area. Jon can be found most of the time at his home in Sahuarita, Arizona where he is a member of the San Ignacio Golf Club.

Karen Fong

Karen Fong is in her fourth year as a Board Member and is the current club president. She took up golf about 10 years ago and, while trying to prove to her family that she didn't understand what the "big deal" was about golf, was bitten by the golf bug. Since then, golf has become her favorite hobby, taking up most of her free time. She can usually be easily recognized out on the course as the one sporting a toxic amount of pink accessories. She dreams of someday having an index under 20. Karen is an ear, nose and throat surgeon and specializes in diseases of the nose and sinuses. She is co-director of the California Sinus Centers and practices in Walnut Creek and San Francisco. When not working or playing golf, she also enjoys skiing, reading, and spending time with friends and family, especially her 4 year-old niece.

Mike Gui

Peter Lyu

Lawrence S. Ma

Lawrence S. Ma is a founding member of the Club and will serve as Secretary in this term. A native of San Mateo, Lawrence began playing golf at the age of 14, and barely made the Aragon High School golf team, three long years later. A self-styled "Wandering Golfer", Lawrence has played over 250 courses world-wide, and has either a logo ball or scorecard from each, gathering dust in his office. Lawrence is a proud member of Lake Merced Golf Club. Away from the golf course, Lawrence makes his living as a business and real estate attorney, and has served on the Board of Trustees of Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. He is a member of the Organization of Chinese-Americans, the Asian-American Bar Association, NAAAP-SF, and the Bay Area Bruins. Prior to the arrival of DVRs, he would schedule his tee times around UCLA football and basketball games. He enjoys dining out, playing his piano, and is eager to learn more about wine.

Carter Mau

Angie Wong

Angie Wong is an avid sports gal who switched from tennis to golf several years ago. She loves playing on the weekends with fellow DGC pals for a few laughs, quality trash talk and casual bets. She has been Team Red captain the last two DGC Weekenders and successfully rallied to team to its first-ever victory in 2014 over the once dominating Team Black. No more bets on Black! In her spare time, Angie can be spotted around town with her furry pup, Boomer, tending to her flock of backyard chickens, or working on her short game to keep her handicap from exploding out of the single digits. If you're new to the club, look for her. She'll be happy to introduce you to other members!

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong has enjoyed golf since he was 13 years old. He has fond memories of perfecting his golf game at a field near his childhood home in Portland, Oregon. Although he was a better 200 meter dash sprinter than he was a golfer, he decided to join the high school golf team starting his freshman year. Today, he is still a better sprinter than he is a golfer as evidenced by his pronounced hip slide and reverse-C finish. He is a member of Lake Merced Golf Club. Jonathan makes his living in software development and real estate development. Blackjack is his favorite game after a round of golf. The engineer in him sees the house as entirely beatable as demonstrated in "21," starring Kevin Spacey.

Judy Wu

Judy Wu is entering her fourth year on the Board, serving on the Tournaments Committee and as Food & Beverage Director. She started hacking it up, literally, ten years ago during afternoons at Lincoln Park GC in San Francisco while attending California Culinary Academy in the morning (on sabbatical from the corporate life). She still strives to become single-digit, but working on the swing of baby boy Caleb has become the new priority. When not working at AWS or playing golf at Lake Merced Golf Club, Judy can be found running at Chrissy Field, playing tennis, cooking up a two-day braise, watching TV, or more likely - doing laundry, picking up toys, and singing "The Wheels On The Bus" in an Elmo voice...