About the Dragons

Where We Play

The Dragons are not based at any particular course — instead we venture all over the Bay Area and beyond for different challenges. We play monthly during the prime of the season and exclusively on the finer daily fee and resort courses of Northern California, with additional opportunities to travel and compete at the 36-hole invitational tournaments of the Chinese Golf Federation and the regional match play events against our rival clubs.

Our Season

Our members are encouraged to participate in all of the NCGA Associate Club individual and team championships. Placing in these events will earn additional points toward the Dragon Cup, our season-long points race and club championship.

Our schedule is posted on the Tournaments page. Photos of our events can be found at our Facebook Page, where members network and stay in touch year-round.

We look forward to seeing you on the course!

The Board of Directors

Robert Dang, President

Mike Gui, Treasurer

Jon Wong, Handicap Chair

Peter Lyu, Tournament Chair

Jon Chiu

Jon Chong

Karen Fong

Carol Lee

Fan Li

Jason Shu

Kellen Tsuruoka

Angie Wong

Chris Wong

Michael Wu

Jeff Yee