Points Distribution

Members earn Dragon Cup points throughout the season by participating in our regular season events in addition to special events like our annual Weekender tournament or Federation events, and NCGA team and individual events.

Regular Season Tournaments

Players are awarded points from the following table†. The field is flighted if there are greater than 20 players.

†Season finale finishes are worth an additional 50% points

Finish Pts
1st 200 6th 40 11th 29 16th 24
2nd 120 7th 34 12th 28 17th 23
3rd 76 8th 32 13th 27 18th 22
4th 54 9th 31 14th 26 19th 21
5th 44 10th 30 15th 25 20th 20

Special Tournaments

Match Play Pts Weekender Pts
1st 250 Team Win 150
2nd 150 Participation 50
Round of 4 85
Round of 8 45
Round of 16 25
Participation 10

Federation Invitationals

Federation Individiual Pts Federation Team Pts
1st 250 Win 75
2nd 125 Participation 25
3rd 75
Participation 25
Field Low Gross 150

NCGA Tournaments

Players are awarded points for participation and medaling in all official NCGA team or individual events that occur within the regular Dragons’ tournament season. Points are awarded for participation in each round of an event. If a player finishes in the top 3, points are awarded in place of the participation points.

Finish Pts Participation in Pts
1st 250 Championship Round 50
2nd 150 Qualifying Round 25
3rd 100