It’s Getting Hot In Here: Dragons Light Up Poppy Ridge
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It’s Getting Hot In Here: Dragons Light Up Poppy Ridge

LIVERMORE, Calif. - While the rest of the Bay Area enjoyed San Francisco at its most glorious and cheered on the Golden State Warriors, the Dragons descended upon Poppy Ridge for a round of golf. This Dragon was so engrossed in the colors that were painted across the Zinfandel and Merlot tracks, he did not check his phone once. He knew the Warriors would whup the Rockets in Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs. Probably also aided by Mike Lum streaming the game on his phone between holes. Mike, since you probably missed out on the most gorgeous day of golf at Poppy Ridge, here’s a recap:

Red. As in A Sea of. Tiger Wood’s shirt on Sunday. These Dragons painted the leaderboard Red with their scores. Mike Lum, ho hum 70/net 66!!!!!!! for 1st place in Flight A. Back-to-back wins to start the season. Tom Yee bunted his way around the burned out hills of Livermore for a 77/67, good enough to win any day of the week. Just not when Big Mike is in the house. Congrats on your 2nd consecutive 2nd. John Chu, the good one, not the bitter old man flipping off the cup at Lake Merced, put up a 77/70, another score in the red for 3rd Low Net in Flight A. Peter Lyu’s 81/73 was good enough for 4th place Low Net in Flight A.

It was a tale of two 9’s for first-time winner, Davis Lee. After 3 years of 3rds and 4ths, he finally caught fire on the back 9 to score in the Red. His 88/69 barely edged Mike Gui’s 91/70, which took 2nd Low Net in Flight B. Watch out for MG as the temperature heats up his driver. Karen Fong birdied the last hole to sneak in at 3rd with a 92/74. Karen has unresolved sandbox issues from her childhood, as she set a course record by hitting into 23 bunkers. She stated that her bunker practice is completed for the year. Jon Chiu didn’t have it going, but hung in there to nab 4th Low Net with a 91/75.

Green. The pretty fairways. With Envy. Cash. Congrats to these players who won a lot of it. Joe Kwok, Carter Mau and Karen Fong got paid with one skin a piece. Big skins winners were Carol Lee (2), Mike Gui (2), Peter Lyu (2) and everyone’s favorite charitable foundation, Mike Lum (4). Closet to the Pin Winners were Karen Fong, Mieko Sugimoto, Davis Lee, Tim Choy, Brian Miller (2!), Joe Kwok and that Lum guy again.

Gold. As in Bling. As in Asian. As in Uncle CP Liu’s golf clubs. After a two-year absence recovering from back surgeries and hip replacement, the new Bionic Grandpa was ECSTATIC to be out on the course. The real reason I didn’t want to check my phone was that I saw the joy and appreciation CP had just being out on the course. He stroked his driver all day, and by the back nine, was finding his routine pars. By the end of the round, an Elder Dragon taught a Younger Dragon, “You have to have friends in your age group, so they hit the same distance as you. Also, it’s not how you play, it’s how Bling your clubs look.”

Editor’s Note: All hate mail can be directed to Davis Lee. Lawrence Ma has nothing to do with the comment on the two John Chu’s we have in the club.