Dragons Tournament Point System

Current Standings

We look back two years, so for our first tournament at Poppy Hills (4/21/2019), we will count any tournaments you've played since Boundary Oaks (4/22/2017).

About the Tournament Point System

Effective this 2019 Dragons Cup season, the Dragons Golf Club is introducing the Tournament Point System (TPS) to give everyone a fair chance to win in our net events. This point system was designed by Dean Knuth, member of the USGA Handicapping Procedure and Handicap Research Committees, and a prime developer of the USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating system. For more detail, see http://www.popeofslope.com/pointsystem/index.html.

Points Earned

The TPS takes into account finishes from Dragons regular season medal play tournaments in addition to any Federation medal play net events. A player earns points if they finish in the top three places.

Finish Points
1st 3
2nd 2
3rd 1

Net Tournaments Played in Two Years

Based on the number of events played and total points earned in a sliding two year window, we can determine the course handicap reduction for the next tournament.

Handicap Reduction 8 or fewer events 9 to 15 events
2 7 10
3 9 12
4 11 14
5 13 16
6 15 18
7 17 20
8 18 21

How it works

Count the total number of events played two years from the next tournament. If you’ve played 8 or less tournaments, look at the 8 or less column in “Net Tournaments Played in Two Years” table.

Looking two years back, add up your points earned, and find the corresponding row to determine your handicap reduction. Note that the USGA Handicap Index is not reduced, only the handicap that is assigned to the player for that event.


Suppose Lawrence finishes 3rd place in his flight. He earns 1 point for this tournament. He has played in 8 events and now has a total of 7 points from two years back. His course handicap for the next tournament may be reduced by two strokes.

Suppose Lawrence continues playing well and accumulates 13 points after playing 9 tournaments in a two year period. Using “9 to 15” column, we find that the reduction is now 3 strokes for the next tournament. Just as your scores roll off your last 20 tournaments when determining your index, this two year window slides, and those points will fall off as well.