2013 Lake Merced

The Dragons Golf Club

We are an NCGA Associate Golf Club for Asian-American professionals and our friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our members are passionate about the game of golf. We particularly cherish the camaraderie when we gather for our tournaments, dinners and road trips.

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1- John Park480
2- Peter Lyu458
3- Fan Li422
4- Davis Lee349
5- Karen Fong325
6- Michael Gui302
7- Chester Siao272
8- Tom Corbat260
9- Steve Tsang228
T10- Po-Jen Lin226
T10- Jonathan Wong226
12- Jonathan Chiu221
13- Song-Min Wang204
14- Paul Loui202
15- Jason Shu194
16- Jason Kung184
17- Daniel Garcia182
18- Carol Lee179
T19- Michael Lum178
T19- Brand Ahn178
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    PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. - "Showing up is 80 percent of life," said Woody Allen. In the case of 2017 Dragon Cup race, Mike Lum certainly validated that saying. By consistently showing up for monthly club tournaments and playing the the whole season's wor…