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Don't wait to renew your membership for the next season of Dragons Golf Club. The course lineup for the next year has been announced! We are looking forward to another great season of golf.

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2016 Yocha Dehe

The Dragons Golf Club

We are an NCGA Associate Golf Club for Asian-American professionals and our friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our members are passionate about the game of golf. We particularly cherish the camaraderie when we gather for our tournaments, dinners and road trips.

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1- Thomas Yee999
2- Michael Gui941
3- Davis Lee889
4- Chris Chong697
5- Michael Lum684
6- Steve Tsang595
7- Jonathan Chong564
8- Mieko Sugimoto490
9- Peter Lyu449
10- John Park433
11- Karen Fong392
12- Chih-Ping Liu348
13- Kenneth Leung317
14- Brian Miller312
15- Jonathan Chiu270
16- Robert Dang258
17- Song-Min Wang244
18- Jeff Law238
19- Carol Lee237
20- Timothy Lohse205
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