2016 Wente Vineyards GC

The Dragons Golf Club

We are an NCGA Associate Golf Club for Asian-American professionals and our friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our members are passionate about the game of golf. We particularly cherish the camaraderie when we gather for our tournaments, dinners and road trips.

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1▲ 2 Davis Lee915
2▼ 1 Michael Lum793
3▼ 1 Thomas Yee789
4▲ 5 Chris Chong762
5▼ 1 Michael Gui718
6▼ 1 Steve Tsang690
7▼ 1 Peter Lyu638
8▼ 1 Karen Fong623
9▼ 1 Helen Liu493
10- Mieko Sugimoto460
11- Song-Min Wang398
12- Kenneth Leung366
13- Jonathan Chong356
14- Jonathan Chiu328
15- Jason Kung286
16- Brian Miller266
17- Albert Lee231
18- Jeffery Yee230
19- Wyatt Lin221
T20- Xiaoliang Chen218
  • Davis Lee Crowned Dragon Cup Champion at San Juan Oaks

    SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, Calif.- The odds were pretty good that Davis Lee was going to become the 2016 Dragon Cup champion going into the Season Finale at San Juan Oaks. After Nickalus Club Monterey last month, Davis was sitting in third place with 645 poin…