2016 Wente Vineyards GC

The Dragons Golf Club

We are an NCGA Associate Golf Club for Asian-American professionals and our friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our members are passionate about the game of golf. We particularly cherish the camaraderie when we gather for our tournaments, dinners and road trips.

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1- Thomas Yee873
2- Michael Lum684
3- Michael Gui659
4- Davis Lee630
5- Chris Chong607
6- Jonathan Chong495
7- John Park433
8- Steve Tsang395
9- Mieko Sugimoto370
10- Peter Lyu329
11- Karen Fong313
12- Brian Miller312
13- Chih-Ping Liu272
14- Jonathan Chiu270
15- Robert Dang258
16- Kenneth Leung252
17- Carol Lee212
18- Timothy Lohse205
19- Jeff Law204
20- Helen Liu200
  • Always Bet on Black: Lee Leads Team Black to Weekender Tahoe Win

    LAKE TAHOE, Nev. - Weekender 2017. Team Black vs Team Red. The Dragons converged upon scenic Lake Tahoe, Ryder Cup style. By day, the Dragons squared off 12 vs 12, each team member fighting for a point. In the evenings, the 24 Dragons came together a…