Dragon Cup

Mike Gui, 2019 Dragon Cup Champion

Our club champion will be determined by a season-long points race, awarded at our club tournaments, the intra-club Weekender matches, the Club Championship, the Chinese Golf Federation Invitationals, and the team match-play events like the Battle of the Bay. Members who participate in the various NCGA Associate Club championships will also be awarded points for representing our club.

2021 Current Standings - Point Schedule

Tournament Points System

Since the 2019 Dragons Cup season, the Dragons Golf Club has utilized the Tournament Point System (TPS) to give everyone a fair chance to win in our net events. This point system was designed by Dean Knuth, member of the USGA Handicapping Procedure and Handicap Research Committees, and a prime developer of the USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating system.

Current TPS standings - Learn more


Year Dragon Cup Kirin Cup Most Improved Rookie of the Year
2019 Mike Gui Mike Lum - -
2018 Davis Lee Mike Lum Jonathan Wong Fan Li
2017 Mike Lum Mike Lum Rob Dang John Park
2016 Davis Lee Mike Lum Carol Lee Ken Leung
2015 Jon Chong Mike Lum Liang Chen Helen Liu
2014 Mike Lum - Angie Wong Wyatt Lin
2013 Paul Loui & Steve Tsang - Steve Tsang Mike Gui
2012 Paul Loui - Karen Fong & Tom Yee Tom Yee
2011 Paul Loui -
2010 Paul Lee - Wes Chong & Tammy Lee


Year Black Captain Red Captain Winner
2019 9.5 Mike Gui 5.5 Karen Fong Black
2018 11.5 Davis Lee 9.5 Mike Lum Black
2017 12.5 Davis Lee 5.5 Mike Lum Black
2016 9 Jon Chong 9 Mike Lum Tie
2015 13.5 Jon Chong 9.5 Angie Wong Black
2014 9.5 Jon Chong 14.5 Angie Wong Red
2013 16 Paul Loui 8 Angie Wong Black
2012 12 Paul Loui 8 Wes Chong Black
2011 11.5 Lawrence Ma 9.5 Wes Chong Black
2010 11.5 Lawrence Ma 9.5 Wes Chong Black